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Top Foods That May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Top Foods That May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Studies confirmed and considered breast cancer as the most common cancer in women. It affects one in every eight women in the United States. Men are also at risk of this. DNA damage and genetic mutations are some of the main causes of this disease aside from obesity.

Our lifestyle plays a critical role in increasing your risk of breast cancer. Heavy drinking, smoking, and having certain dietary patterns will surely put you at risk.

However, there are still ways to lower breast cancer risk, and one of these is to eat the appropriate foods. Here are some of the foods that research suggests:

  • Leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits
  • Fatty fish, berries, and herbs and spices
  • Fermented foods and allium vegetables
  • Cruciferous vegetables and beans
  • Peaches, apples, and pears

However, please remember that even you are pursuing a healthy diet, you still need regular breast cancer screenings such as mammograms and manual checks. Early detection can surely increase survival rates.

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