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Causes of Incontinence and Ways to Manage Them

Causes of Incontinence and Ways to Manage Them

Urinary incontinence or involuntary leak of urine is a common problem among older adults. It may be caused by urinary tract infection, weak bladder muscles, damage of nerves that control the bladder, constipation, and problem with the pelvic organ. Such a condition is often uncomfortable and worrying as you may pee your pants because of the sudden rush of urine. However, it can be controlled. Two Caring Hearts is a home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which dedicated to help seniors with their conditions and provide the assistance they require, especially in managing incontinence problems.

Without proper oversight from healthcare professionals, incontinence may lead to complications. As such, appropriate incontinence care is vital in controlling incontinence problems. Some helpful ways to manage the condition include bladder control training, practicing pelvic floor exercise, managing constipation, avoiding bladder irritants such as alcohol and acidic foods, and lifestyle change. Furthermore, incontinence may also be due to a physical problem or an underlying condition. That is why consulting your healthcare provider is essential to determine the right management strategy.

In managing incontinence among seniors to mitigate or eliminate its symptom, senior care in Pennsylvania is truly advantageous. As a provider of home care, we can help seniors manage their condition, relieve the symptoms, ensure good bladder health, and foster a better lifestyle. We provide a rounded approach to manage incontinence and reassurance to seniors and their families that such conditions are controllable, no matter what the cause is.

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