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Knowing Diabetes and It’s Risks

Knowing Diabetes and It’s Risks

Glucose is a type of sugar that is produced from the food we eat. To absorb the glucose from the blood and to store it for energy, insulin plays a vital role. Insulin is a hormone that supports the absorption of glucose from the blood into the body cells. When a person has diabetes, the body is either not producing enough insulin or not utilizing insulin well, which results in an amass of sugar in the body. Several health sources show that the number of people with diabetes is increasing among seniors. In this matter, it is worth seeking health assistance from senior care in Pennsylvania to help seniors properly and effectively manage their health conditions.

While diabetes has historically been more common in seniors, many younger people are developing diabetes as well. According to the American Heart Association, people who are overweight or obese, don’t get enough physical activity, and don’t eat a healthy diet are of greater risk of diabetes. For people needing home health assistance, Two Caring Hearts, a home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provides quality care that you and your loved one need.

Furthermore, people with diabetes are reported more prone to experience bladder problems, resulting in frequent urination or incontinence. When such a health problem is experienced, right incontinence care is necessary. While the risks of diabetes are manageable, one should be more heedful of his or her health to prevent the risks and further health problems. Are you at risk of diabetes? Having a regular check-up is highly recommended.

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